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Goodwill is committed to keeping electronic waste out of our landfills. Televisions contain lead, mercury, cadmium, and brominated flame retardants. An analog TV can contain anywhere from four to eight pounds of lead which is very toxic to humans, especially children. TVs that end up in landfills can potentially contaminate soil and groundwater.

With the recent transition from analog to digital technology, Goodwill anticipated a spike in television donations and researched for sustainable solution to this growing problem. In May 2010, Goodwill launched a TV recycling program in partnership with Universal Recycling Technologies (URT).

Under the agreement, Goodwill collects, sorts, and packages donated end-of-life televisions and, on demand, URT transports them pack to their facility in Wisconsin where they are demanufactured and the components are sold. Goodwill receives a portion of the revenue and also significantly saves on landfill fees. The work involved provides “green job” opportunities for Goodwill’s Transitional Employment Program participants.

URT is a national leader in the recycling industry. Consistently recognized for its commitment to exceeding compliance standard, URT was the first qualified “e-Steward” glass recycler in the United States qualified by the Basel Action Network under the Electronic Recyclers Pledge of True Stewardship program.

Additionally, all the e-waste sent to URT is processed in North America and nothing is shipped overseas for disposal. Goodwill donors can feel confident in knowing their electronics will be recycled responsibly.