GWNWUM Reflects On Goodwill International Week

Last week was Goodwill Industries Week, a time where Goodwill regions across the US and Canada reach out to their communities about their mission. It’s been celebrated since 1951 for an organization that has been around for 115 years.

Locally, Goodwill Industries of Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan has been working on a project internally called “Why Goodwill”, where employees and clients were asked why they liked working for the company.

Other Goodwill regions and Goodwill International have used this hashtag before as well, but this was the first time our Goodwill has done something along these lines. Our HR Specialist Danielle organized this as an exercise to really stress the mission of helping others overcome employment barriers.

This is what we came up with:

A lot of different responses here. For those that don’t want to read the bad handwriting…

“I admire the passion & energy our employees put forth, even when the going gets tough.”

– Danielle

“I have the ability to watch clients learn and grow!”


“Goodwill gives me a sense of community. Here we are something truly special.”

– Eric

“I feel valued and supported by a dedicated employer.”

– Lori

“Because Goodwill invests in people and not things.”

– Madison

“Helping people through the power of work is an amazing mission.”

– Jenn

“I love knowing that I am part of a massive force in helping both the community and environment.”

– Ciera

“I want to help others accomplish something important.”

– Brice

“I have the ability to help people change their lives forever.”

– Erik

“Because of what the company stands for. Helping customers and maintaining good work ethics and serving our community.”

– Kirk


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