Decoding Goodwill Color Sales

If you’ve come to the website more than once, you might recognize the monochromatic Goodwill G logo on the right side of the page. If you haven’t, this is what they look like:

These displays aren’t in the stores just yet, but the savings are.

Once every four weeks, one of these colors guarantees 50 percent off that item. Items like plates have stickers while clothing uses barbs. Here are a couple examples of what to look for.

Iron Mountain does not participate in the Color of the Week sales. Their items are already at a discounted rate compared to the other stores. Our Iron Mountain store has done some great things lately and we will be focusing on them on our website shortly.

We hope that with these extra hidden sales in the store will encourage you to stop by a little more.

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Marquette Restyles Sales Floor

Shelving units change in the store

The Marquette store of Goodwill Industries of Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan rearranged their store layout the last two weeks in an attempt to make the store more customer friendly.

Many of the toppers for clothing racks were removed in favor of gondola-style shelving units for goods and wares. The options helped create more sales space for these items, but it also made the store more handicap accessible.

“Removing the toppers allows the customers to more easily shop,” said Courtney, a manager at the store. “Those customers who are in wheelchairs or struggle to see that high can shop easier.”

By this point, all of the improvements are in place and the store floor is back to full swing. We hope you enjoy your experience at Goodwill!

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GWNWUM Reflects On Goodwill International Week

Last week was Goodwill Industries Week, a time where Goodwill regions across the US and Canada reach out to their communities about their mission. It’s been celebrated since 1951 for an organization that has been around for 115 years.

Locally, Goodwill Industries of Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan has been working on a project internally called “Why Goodwill”, where employees and clients were asked why they liked working for the company.

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